Easter crypto greeting card

1. 04. 2021

Are all the Easter eggs OK? We have created an Easter cypher for you. The whole ECSC2021 team wishes you a happy Easter!

The second e-café is successfully over

23. 02. 2021

As already announced, on 10 February 2021, the second e-café took place via the Google Meet platform, where the partners had the opportunity to meet the guarantors and discuss opportunities for cooperation virtually.

Representatives of the state sector, especially the National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB), Ministry of Defence (MO), Military Intelligence (VZ), National Agency for Communication and Information Technologies (NAKIT) and others, take part in the organization of the competition.

Representatives of these organizations called on the partners to work together with AFCEA to support the ECSC 2021 in the Czech Republic:

for example, mentioned the importance of the perception of cyber security of companies that cyber security is absolutely essential to society’s functioning. He also reminded that cyber security must involve all bodies; a single authority or organization cannot ensure it. According to him, the competition fits very well into the National Cyber ​​Security Strategy. He stressed the importance of education and the creation of facilities for professionals in this field, creating dialogues in the international environment and awareness-raising, which are part of this strategy’s three fundamental pillars.
represented General Beroun, who took part in the meeting in the Chamber of Deputies. According to him, it is essential to develop cooperation not only across state agencies but also at the level of private space and academic environment, which have a significant role in the protection of cyber space. The possibility of participating in the preparations for the competition is seen as an opportunity to build relations and trust with private sector entities, which he considers to be key. Support is also important for talents in the field of IT and cyber security. He sees the competition as an opportunity to present both the Czech Republic and successful companies from this sector.
took the floor. NAKIT, headed by the government commissioner for IT and Digitization, Ing. Vladimír Dzurilla, has supported the competition from the very beginning. He mentioned the promise of the state to participate in the organization of the competition financially. In the finals, he sees the possibility of presenting the Czech Republic and its work in cyber security and emphasized that the Czech Republic is one of the European leaders in this field.
said that security in cyber space could not be managed without the private and academic sectors. He mentioned the opportunity for partners to meet knowledgeable people during the event and test their abilities for specific problem-solving.

Private companies can get involved by way of partnerships. There are several types of these partnerships, depending on the size of the support. It then enables, for example, the visibility of partners through the Horizon News information portal, where it is possible to have a partner’s logo or profile page. Some partners may appreciate the opportunity to meet with national delegations or to participate in preparations for the event, etc.

The e-café was attended by a number of representatives of Czech companies in the field of cyber security and computing technologies.

If you were unable to attend this virtual meeting for any reason, we offer you the possibility to watch the recording, in which you will learn all the necessary information. This recording can be requested from Mr Pavel Tichý—email: pavel.tichy() or on the phone number +420 605 840 068.

We are preparing the second virtual meeting of the e-café

27. 01. 2021

We want to invite you to the second e-café, which will take place on 10 February 2021 at 10 a.m. via Google Meet. We will introduce you to the ECSC 2021 and the possibilities of how you can present your company in the competition. More information about the e-café can be found in this presentation and the Ministry of Defence’s press release.

ECSC 2021 has its first partner

15. 01. 2021

The first partner to support ECSC 2021 is Corpus Solutions a.s., a cyber security expert. They specialize not only in basic cyber security but also in advanced detection of unusual behaviour of systems in the infrastructure and its visualization. It also deals with planning the cyber strategy of organizations and increasing their resilience to modern security threats.

Nineteen countries have already joined the competition!

03. 01. 2021

Already 19 countries have registered to participate in ECSC2021 in Prague. Eighteen competition teams (Spain, Luxembourg, Norway, Italy, Ireland, France, Estonia, Greece, Austria, Slovenia, Belgium, Cyprus, Poland, Portugal, Iceland, Romania, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein) and Canada as a guest.
Introduction of ECSC 2021 to partners

16. 12. 2020

On 16 December 2020, AFCEA Czech Chapter organized an e-café to introduce ECSC 2021 to partners.
The President of AFCEA Czech Chapter, Tomáš Müller, used this occasion and called on partners to support this activity and take the opportunity to raise the profile of their companies in Europe. The director of NÚKIB, the director of Military Intelligence and the government’s commissioner for IT and digitization, approached the private sector to support the prestigious European competition of cyber security teams in the cyber security, ECSC.
More information about the e-café can be found in the press release of the Ministry of Defence, and in the presentation we have prepared for the partners..