The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic (MV ČR) is a central authority of the state administration for internal affairs, in particular for: public order and other matters relating internal order and security. It play a coordinating role in public administration and elections.

The Ministry of the Interior is aware of its key management and strategic role in the field of ICT of the state, and therefore strives for uniformity, centralization and security of basic eGovernment services, especially through building complex and interconnected information and communication systems, including monitoring systems to ensure their smooth operation and security.

The aim and role of the Ministry of the Interior’s cyber security is to secure the cyber space against external and internal cyber threats through organizational and technical measures and to minimize the possible consequences of any cyber events or incidents. The security of the Ministry of the Interior’s cyberspace is managed by the continuously improved Information Security Management System (ISMS) and is primarily focused on critical information infrastructure (KII) and important information systems (VIS) in accordance with the Cyber Security Act.

The Department of Cyber Security at the Ministry of the Interior deals with cyber security, the office of the Deputy Minister of the Interior for the management of the ICT section.

The role of the Cyber Security Department:

Implementation of the requirements of Act No. 181/2014 Coll. on Cyber Security.

  • Set up, operation, development and monitor the Information Security Management System of the Ministry of the Interior:
      1) Update ISMS documentation within the PDCA cycle.
      2)  Elaboration of security documentation for KII and VIS systems and  subsequent cooperation on the implementation of security measures.
     3) Create a comprehensive system of education focused on cybersecurity of     the Ministry of the Interior in cooperation with National Cyber and   Information Security Agency (NÚKIB).
  • Information security events and incidents management for KII and VIS systems.
  • Operation and development of the eGovernment Supervision Centre (DCeGOV). 

Interview with Jaroslav Strouhal, Deputy Minister of the Interior for the Management of the Information and Communication Technologies Section, about the digitalisation of the state administration and the security of the Czech Republic.

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