European Cyber Security Challenge 2021

The European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) is a Europe-wide competition focused on cyber security to search cyber security talent across Europe and raise awareness of cyber security and its importance in public spaces.

Since 2014 the competition has been organised annually by one of the EU countries under the auspices of the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity(ENISA), and it is intended for young European talent (secondary school and university students) organised in national teams.

The ECSC will take place in Prague between 28. 9. and 1. 10. 2021, and is organised by the Czech chapter of AFCEA (as part of the activities of the European Cybersecurity Month).


The best European talents in Prague

Prague hosts a meeting of the best European talents in cyber security. A prestigious event that enters the Czech Republic once every 15 years.

Challenging tasks

Top European teams will test their strengths in penetration testing, cryptography, reverse engineering, forensic analysis and other challenging tasks.

Unique connection

The event will involve representatives of the state, private and academic sectors.

Media attention

A major event in the field of cyber security, which will be promoted by mainstream media.

Contest starts in

ECSC 2021 builds on the success of the Secondary school competition in cyber ​​security.
The acute shortage of IT security professionals is becoming a global problem. That is why we are looking for young talents in cyber security and support their development. In 2016, the Czech chapter of AFCEA organized the first year of the national competition for cyber security focused on secondary school students, the best of whom became the backbone of the Czech national team, which in 2017 participated for the first time in the ECSC in Malaga, Spain. Successful work with students in national competitions and the results of the national team opened up the possibility to organize ECSC 2021 in the Czech Republic.
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"We must be able to find and support talented young people who will become the backbone of the security of the Czech Republic and the whole Europe in the future. This is the only way we can deal with current and future threats. I see this as the main benefit of ECSC 2021."

Ing. Karel Řehka, Brig.Gen. (rtd.)
Director of NÚKIB (National Cyber and Information Security Agency)

Contact information

E-mail: team@ecsc2021.cz

AFCEA—Czech Chapter
Brigádníků 44/2
100 00 Prague 10

This project has been supported by the European Union.